Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New View

I am in love with home. Not house, home. I love to look at designed houses but it is home that I desire. Home is not perfect but the place where all the imperfect trappings and people create perfect love and memories. When I was young country style was forgiving to all the nicks, spills and breakage boys and pets can do. Oh look, another bit of character! The day came that I both dreaded and yearned for, empty nest. I was obsessed with the Victorian life and it's style. This was my chance to embrace it in all it's gilded and tasseled glory and I did. I created a replication that enchanted me and me alone. As guests and family came to behold this splendor, what I saw was not what I truly wanted. I wanted relaxation, joy and laughter. After being asked repetitively "Are we allowed to sit on this?", I knew I had designed a house not a home. While my English Country Cottage style might still be too stuffy for some, it became home for me. The dog and cat leave fur on the oriental carpet. A prized porcelain figure is missing her finger. Christmas open house is spills, crumbs, Christmas crackers and standing room only. I would love to share my decorating, recipes, triumphs and failures of creating home. I hope that this path brings friends who also embrace a bit of imperfect Anglophile enthusiasm.